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What is the Unconscious?

January 8, 2013

English: Neural Correlates Of Consciousness

Consciousness is the state of common awareness. When you are conscious of something, you are aware of it; you are awake, receptive, and responsive to new information. The conscious mind is a semantic construct used in dream interpretation to describe the arena in which ordinary awareness exists. The unconscious is that which is hidden from common awareness. The unconscious is beyond a person’s ability to directly perceive.

Dream interpretation is a powerful, transformational tool, because it helps you become aware of information that you might otherwise not be able to access. When you interpret your dreams, you move material from the unconscious domain into the conscious domain. Dream interpretation illuminates information that might be unconsciously controlling or influencing you. The material can then move into your sphere of awareness. By moving material into your conscious awareness, dream interpretation empowers you to take action based on the information in your dream.

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